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Sundry Debt Collection

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When a business or firm supplies goods or provides a service to a customer on a credit basis then those customers are called sundry debtors. These customers are supposed to pay the outstanding amount on a particular date, but what steps can you take when they do not pay?

That’s where Gwasanaethau APD Services Cyf come in, we can take over and intensify the collection process of the unpaid amounts. 

We work for you on a commission-based structure, collecting our fees from any monies paid by the Sundry Debtor, our  fee structure is fair and transparent for you as our client, there is a small administration charge of a maximum of £50.00 on return of case if unsuccessful . 

Once you pass a sundry debt to us for collection, we will engage with the debtor in multiple ways, and where escalation is necessary, undertake visits at their relevant address.

In the very rare circumstances that we are unsuccessful, for a small fee we can offer a full statement of accounts and events which can support any future judgement claim.

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