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Obtaining and upgrading CCJ

With our working partners APD have the knowledge and experience to support you on your journey from day one, we can assist in obtaining a County Court Judgment CCJ, Upgrade that Judgement to a High Court Writ and take Civil Enforcement Action, all this with minimal contact with our client, meaning you can rest assured that once you have instructed APD, we will take care of everything, leaving you to get on with your life.

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Obtaining a County Court Judgment (CCJ)

Obtaining a County Court Judgment CCJ, can feel like an impossible task, you can look at obtaining a judgment yourself via the government money claim on line, but as our legal costs are added to the money claim, the question is why take the risk of getting it wrong? APD along with our working partners can take all the work. APD work along side a legal practice who specialise in this area of the law.

If you are owed money why delay get in touch today !

(If the judgment is over £600.00, our team can swiftly up grade the CCJ to a High Court Writ)

Upgrading a CCJ to High Court Writ

If the balance of your County Court Judgments is over £600.00, APD can upgrade the CCJ to something known as a High Court Writ, this then gives a High Court Officer the authority to instruct an Enforcement Agent to collect what is owed or take control of goods to be sold in auction, this process is completely managed by APD.

If you already have a CCJ its not a problem APD can continue the process, for further information please get in touch:

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Costs and Charges

County Court Costs will be charged to you the client, all Country Court costs and Solicitors fees are payable up front, solicitors fees will be added to any Judgment (where applicable) and paid back to our client once recovered.

Court fees can vary depending on the money claim amount, a full break down of cost will be provided to you (the client) at the earliest opportunity.

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